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Food and Drink

Food and Drink

7 December 2021

We serve a wide range of locally sourced and seasonal food and drink.  Our cafe is open from 9.30am to serving tea, coffee, cakes, and pastries, and our food menu is available from 11:30 offering light lunches, sharing platters, pizzas and more. Our bar serves beers, wine, cocktails, spirits and soft drinks and is open until fifteen minutes after the last film of the day starts.

Our food menu was created in collaboration with Vaughan's Kitchen and aims to utilise the best available ingredients to create a food offering that is quick, tasty and reasonably priced.

You can learn more about the incredible Vaughan's Kitchen here:  Vaughan's Kitchen

We advise all our customers who wish to eat with us to arrive at least thirty minutes before the advertised start time of their film.

Download our menu and pick your favourites before you come (opens in a new window)
Food Menu

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Mozzo want to make the world a braver and fairer place and coffee is their vehicle by which they aspire to set an example for how the world could be different. Founded in 2005 from a wind and solar powered art covered coffee art, we are proud to be serving Mozzo coffee – a high quality, consistent and exceptional coffee.   
Mozzo have also created the Community2Community Fund which supports constructive profession of coffee farming communities by investing 10p for every kg of coffee sold. 

Enjoy great coffee in our café or whilst watching a film and know that you are supporting these great efforts to support local communities. 
For more information visit or follow at @mozzocoffee as well as 


At the far end of Wiltshire, on the border with Somerset is Marshfield Farm. A family-owned business with their own herd of Friesian cows, Will & Dawn are now organically farming over 1000 acres and produce over 2,500 litres of ice cream every hour! We will be stocking their delicious range of ice creams, sorbets & plant-based pots.

For more information visit or follow  @marshfieldices


The brilliant Ramsbury Brewery is well known across Wiltshire and we are delighted to be stocking their beers & spirits. 

Inspired by the Wiltshire landscape that surrounds the Ramsbury Estate, Alistair and his team are working towards being the most sustainable business they can be.  Using barley from their fields, chalk-filtered water from their own source and heat generated by a biomass boiler fed from their own sustainable woodland.

You may also know that Ramsbury produce their own award-winning Gin & Vodka.  Made from Mill Horatio wheat which is grown, harvested, milled and fermented.  This is then diluted and distilled through a 43-plate copper column still. It’s part of a closed loop production cycle that uses the land to its fullest potential, with little wastage.  

Learn more about this by following @ramsburybrewery @ramsbury_distillery or visit 


Based in Berkshire, their cider making started as a hobby and has become a sustainable business.  Using tonnes of home counties grown apples and crafting thousands of litres of ‘proper cider’, Tutt’s Cider is not filtered, pasteurised, or carbonated so that their award-winning cider tastes as fresh, natural and delicious as possible.  
For more information visit : and follow at @tuttsclumpciderofficial @tuttsclumpcider 


Our café and bar will offer a wide and diverse range of drinks including a perfectly curated wine list by Yapp Brothers of Mere, Wiltshire. Founded in 1969, they are widely recognised as the UK's leading importer of French regional wines and are rated as one of the 'Top Ten Online Wine Merchants in the UK'. Sourcing characterful wines from small independent winemakers, they supply many of the best restaurants in the UK – and us!  

Follow @yappaboutwine or go to for more information.