Based on Isabella Tree’s best-selling book by the same title, WILDING tells the incredible story of a young couple, Isabella and her husband, who inherit The Knepp in West Sussex, a 3,500 acre, failing, four-hundred-year-old estate. Recognising how sick the land was, they set to work with their ground-breaking vision, battling entrenched tradition and major forces along the way, daring to place the fate of their farm in the hands of nature. Ripping down the fences, they set the land back to the wild and entrust its recovery to a motley mix of animals both tame and wild. It is the beginning of a grand experiment that will become one of the most significant rewilding experiments in Europe and beyond. The Knepp is a beacon of hope for England’s wildlife, and their radical experiment has been nothing short of transformative. Now it’s a place where mussel-diving pigs, storks and butterflies find sanctuary, and where thriving flora and a vast array of animals have taken back the land. This is a charming, hopeful and necessary story of ecological regeneration.DocumentaryPT1H15MPG2024-06-22
Isabella Tree
Rhiannon Hughes
Matthew Collyer
David Allen
Gaby Bastyra


July 15, 11:30 am

July 16, 4:45 pm

The Parade Cinema